Saturday, December 08, 2007

Inadvertent Obscenity #6

The face of this fair creature had a pure oval, and her clear, brown eye a quiet warmth ...the young man stood facing her, slowly scratching his thigh, and shifting from one foot to the other. He had honest, stupid, blue eyes, and a simple smile that showed his handsome teeth. He was very well dressed. ‘I suppose it’s pretty big,’ said the beautiful young girl. ‘Yes, it’s pretty big,’ said the handsome young man. ‘It’s nicer when they are big,’ said his interlocutress, and for some time no further remark was made.

Henry James Portraits of Places


keylawk said...

"...slowly scratching his thigh..." Oh my. It is no wonder her brown eye
exuded such warmth.

Murr said...

now that is very obscene: her brown eye exuding warmth....